News > March 15, 2016

2016 VDL Season Changes

2016 Victorian Dodgeball League: Season Changes

New Rules

Game time limit

There is no time limit to each point; to win a point you must get out the entire opposing team.

Sudden Death

·      To win Sudden Death you must get out all opposing players.

·      Sudden Death will only occur at half-time and the end of the 40-minute match.

·      Sudden Death will occur regardless of team numbers on court.

As usual, players will be reset at the back of the court with 3 balls each.

No blocking, however you aren’t out until the blocked ball is dead (you can catch the blocked ball if it is still live).

Swapping ends

Teams will swap ends only once; they will swap after the point that ends nearest to the 20-minute halftime as possible.

Hard Lines

All court lines will be considered hard-lines. Under no circumstances are you allowed to leave the court, you will be called out. You cannot touch the line with a body part, or you will be called out. Any ball retrieving will be done by a designated shagger.


·      Due to the court hard lines, each team may designate a shagger to retrieve balls that are outside the court lines.

·      The shagger can be a benched teammate or any other player currently sitting.

·      One shagger is allowed per court, and will need to wear the designated bib.

·      Shaggers are responsible for retrieving balls on their half of the court that may fly over the netting, in a timely manner. Refs may be lenient with advantage in this case.


We will post a schedule for teams to provide line refs. If your team is scheduled to line ref a certain game, it is your responsibility to ensure two line refs report to the court on time. If for whatever reason your team is unable to line ref, you are to source a line ref from another team.

Offence Cards

Any player deemed to be acting inappropriately (taunting, verbal abuse, physical assault, consistently questioning ref abilities etc.) will be issued an offence card by the ref.

·      First offence: Yellow Card

An official warning is issued

·      Second offence: Red Card

If player is currently playing, they are removed from the point and the team must finish the point a player short.

·      Third offence or physical abuse: Second Red Card

Player is ejected from the netted court for the rest of that game. Their team must play a player short for the game remainder (regardless of having any additional subs).

Any issues regarding specific refs should be brought to the attention of the Officials, and not argued mid-game to the ref.


·      Players from opposing VDL teams are not allowed to fill-in for your team.

·      Fill-ins can qualify for finals as per normal team members.

Australian Rep Player Cap

There is an on-court restriction of three WDBF Australian Representatives, regardless of gender.

Post-Round Drinks

Each player is invited to drinks and dinner at a local pub after each round, details to come. This is a great way to socialise with your fellow VDL players.

Qualifying for Finals

A player must play minimum 50% of matches (equivalent to 11 matches) throughout the season to qualify for finals.


Top 8 teams will qualify for knockout finals, to be held on November 26th.